I have a mac book air ver. 10.5.8 but no portable dvd drive. I'd like to upgrade to snow leopard. Can I install cd wirelessly from my other mac pro?

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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  • Hello there.

    You must have a copy of Snow Leopard in your Macbook Pro. On your Macbook Pro go to System Preferences and then to sharing and tick the DVD/CD check box. Make sure your Air is also switched on (that's a nice-looking machine btw). Go to Utilities on your Air machine in Finder > Applications. Open up Remote Install Mac OS X.

    You then need to guide yourself through the steps. With your Macbook Pro you want to open up Remote Install Max OS X and select the DVD drive and go to next. For the Air you want to use the Airport option and then restart your Air and hold down the option key (alt). There will be options to follow to allow you to install Snow Leopard from your Macbook Pro.

    These directions are somewhat rough but it should get you through.