I have a macbook pro 2009 with no operating system. Can i download snow leopard ios x 10.6 on it?

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    Not literally, no, but I'm guessing when you say "download" you really mean "install". The answer to that is, "yes, you can install Snow Leopard on a 2009 MacBook Pro that currently has no operating system."

  • Snow Leopard is supported by your Mac.
    (see chart at supportDOTappleDOTcom/kb/ht1159 (replace each "DOT" with ".")).

    Snow Leopard is not available as a download. It only comes on a DVD.

    Power on your Mac and insert DVD. If Mac does not automatically start up from DVD, then hold power button until Mac turns off. Press power button again, but hold OPTION key immediately after chime and then select DVD to start up from. (Alternatively, press "C" immediately after chime to start up from DVD.)

    If your Mac does not have a working optical drive, there are two solutions for installing, but both require a Mac with a working optical drive:
    1) Follow the instructions on the DVD for doing a remote install from a Mac with a working optical drive. Both Macs need to be on same network.
    2) Use a flash drive or a partition on an external drive. The space needs to be at least 8GB. With Disk Utility, format the flash drive or partition as "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" with the GUID option. On Mac with working optical drive, use Disk Utility to RESTORE the DVD to the flash drive or partition. Connect flash drive or external hard drive to your Mac and START UP from the flash drive or partition (hold OPTION key while starting up your Mac to select). Continue with installation.