I have a macbook pro with Mac OS X 10.4.11 and want to upgrade to snow leopard, how do i do that and will it erase my stuff like itunes music?

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    If your MacBook Pro is Intel-based, here is what you can do.

    1) Create a blank new partition for Snow Leopard. Perhaps borrow an external hard drive and clone all files from the internal partition with Tiger to the external HD, making sure you can start up Tiger from the external HD if needed. Then you can install Snow Leopard to the internal HD.

    2) All Snow Leopard DVDs (including those advertised as upgrades) can do a Clean Install. Follow these instructions:
    (replace each "DOT" with ".")

    3) Sometime during the install, the installer will ask if you want to import your OS Settings, Applications and/or Files from the partition with Tiger on it. Do this.

    4) Once you restart in Snow Leopard, do a software update to bring Snow Leopard up to the latest version.

    5) After Step 3, all your applications and iTunes music, etc will be ready to use in Snow Leopard.

    I followed these steps when moving from Tiger to Snow Leopard using the $29 install disk. Other than some printer drivers, a scanner utility and a minor issue with MS Word 2004... everything worked immediately. I had to find my own driver updates for some really oddball, obscure printers I have.