I have bought the Mac OSX Snow Leopard disc for my MacOSX Version 10.5.8 which only has a memory of 2GB. Is this enough?

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    Snow Leopard requires a Mac with an Intel-based processor (not a PowerPC processor) and at least 1GB of memory.

    You're good on the memory. Most likely you are good on the processor.

    (OS 10.5.8 was the last OS to support the PowerPC processor. The processor can not be changed. To find out which processor you have go to Apple Menu --> About This Mac and see if the word "Intel" or "PowerPC" is in the description next to "Processor".)

    Apple transitioned from PowerPC processors to Intel processors about 2006.

  • The minimum memory requirement for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is 1GB, so you have enough.