I have Mac S X Tiger on my Intel iMac.    Can I install Snow Leopard without upgrading to iLife 09?

ie Will my existing software work with Snow Leopard - iLife 2006, Office 2004

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    You will need the Mac Box Set to upgrade from Tiger for it to be legally licensed to you. iLife '09 is a lot better than '06 anyway and I highly recommend the upgrade. Office 2004, and I believe 2008 as well, will need rosetta installed which is optional on Snow Leopard. If you are doing an upgrade with office already installed I think it will automatically install rosetta for you. You can check during installation to make sure it's installing it. If it doesn't when you try to run Office after the upgrade it will prompt you that the software requires rosetta and ask if you would like to install it from the Snow Leopard disc.

  • If you have Tiger then the only way you can upgrade to Snow Leopard is by purchasing the Mac Box Set. Any other way and you will be violating the licensing agreement.