I need a 2nd generation shuffle usb cable. Where can I buy one?

The one shown is for 3rd generation and I understand from the questions and answers that it will not work with 2nd generation.

  • Asked by fn from Charlottesville
Apple iPod shuffle USB Cable

Apple iPod shuffle USB Cable

Product No Longer Available

2 Answers from the Community

  • The correct answer.. go to store.apple.com then add the following to it. (cannot post direct link)


    Please dont erase this Apple. I'm trying to advertise for you. haha

    • Answered by Stephen H from Omaha
  • Apple doesn't sell these directly. The 2nd gen ipod shuffles use the included ipod shuffle dock to connect to your computer. If you want a USB cable, you will have to look at 3rd party options.

    • Answered by Ramanujam R from Hanover