If I have really old software on my mac can I still download OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard?

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    What is really old?

    1) Snow Leopard comes on a DVD... it is not a download.

    2) If your mac is Intel-based and has a minimum of 1GB of memory, it can run Snow Leopard.

    3) When I upgraded from OS 10.4.11 to Snow Leopard, all the apps that worked in OS 10.4.11 continued to function, although some only worked about 95%. Any Apple app from OS 10.4.11 worked 100% in Snow Leopard. However, some of my printer drivers and a scanner utility needed to be updated in order to work with Snow Leopard.

    4) If upgrading from earlier than OS 10.5, I advise making a bootable backup of your current OS, and installing Snow Leopard on a fresh partition. During install, the installer will search for other partitions with older OS, and ask you if you want to import all the OS settings, applications, and/or files to the new Snow Leopard partition. A very smooth upgrade from older OS, that let's you keep the old OS so you can start up from that partition in case you wish to after Snow Leopard is installed.

    5) You can use the $29 Snow Leopard DVD to upgrade, but first use Utilities (Disk Utility) from the install DVD to prepare the partition you are going to install Snow Leopard to.