Is the case easy to take off and put on the 5s?

LifeProof nüüd case for iPhone 5/5s/SE

LifeProof nüüd case for iPhone 5/5s/SE

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    Really easy to take off and put on. Takes like a minute. But the more you do this, the more chance there is of damaging or getting dirt in the seals, so it's best to keep the case on to maintain waterproofness.

  • It is a snug fit - makes clipping sound when closed tight all around.
    To take off, make sure to open the charger clip first. It requires minor forcing.
    I find if opening too often the case can remain a bit bent and the impermeability questioned.

  • It's easy, but you have to pry the case off which can be hard if you're trying to keep the case okay. If you take it off without any precautions, you could damage the case making it vulnerable to water leaking in.

  • Yes, use a quarter, or other flat tool after opening the lightning and headphone ports. Simply twist @ the corner and it will separate with gentle hand pressure. When re-installing, ensure there is NO dust particles around/on the seals, press the iPhone into the front cover, and snap the two covers together. Squeeze all four edges/corners, ensuring a tight fit. Install the optional screen protector AFTER the case is secure on the iPhone. Following the instructions that came with the case is usually the best practice.