My A1222 charger has just died, does this product replace it or do I need to replace it with what I had originally? I have a May 2008 17" MP

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    Yes. I have same laptop as you, and I have a new one, the new charger, charges both.

    The old charger, the one that died on you only charges the older laptop. You can find the old ones online but every add is sketchy, it's either not an original apple model and they trick you or sneak in the "compatible" word, or it's a refurbished and it's missing either the short plug, or the extender cord, you should get both otherwise it's not worth it.

    This current model works, I've charged my old system with it many times, but I still have the old one working too.

    Like many others mention the key is that you need 85W and both the old and this new one are 85W.