my dvd drive is inop do I have any other options to load this software

my dvd is not reading disk and would like to upgrade to snow leopard. do I have any other options besides replacing my dvd superdrive?

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    Replacing your internal drive is usually ~$300.

    With newer Macs, you can install software from a DVD in another computer via Wi-Fi. Really cool! With all Macs that have Firewire, you can boot your Mac with the "T" key held down, connect it to a Mac that has a working DVD drive, and install Snow Leopard to your Mac. Your Mac is seen as an external hard drive by the Mac with the working DVD drive.

    Lastly, the Genius Bar has done software installs for me. They either use external hard drives with the Operating System on them or they do it from a server. Just bring your Snow Leopard disc as a proof of purchase.

  • You can install from Target Disk Mode or by using CD/DVD Sharing with another Mac.