Should this be enough to handle video streaming?

Routers sold in stores always play up speeds of 150 vs 300 vs 600. I never really understood those either, but the sales guys always say that if I'm going to download video to a wireless divide, I'd better get the higher (and more expensive) speeds. Are they right, and will the AirPort Express be able to handle that alright?

  • Asked by fn from Brookline
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    It really depends on what you need. If you plan on transferring large files >2GB frequently you need as much speed as possible. If you want, though, to just stream a video from your laptop to your TV then an average router can do it. I can stream pretty well with 50 Mbit/s wifi. On the other hand keep in mind that if you want to stream directly from Internet, you have to make sure first, that the router slows you down rather than your Internet provider. In any occasion, yes this router can handle video streaming, as far as it concerns your home/work network.

    • Answered by Zafiris S