Squeezebox Support on Airport?

Does anyone know if an Airport Time Capsule would offer Squeezebox support? I'm considering moving from an all windows environment to an iMac with an Airport time capsule. Ideally I'd like to be able to access a music library from Squeezebox on an airport even with the iMac off. I realize there is Apple TV and the like, but I've got a good investment already in squeezebox devices and controllers I'd like to continue to use. Has anyone tried this before? Sorry, not very technical here so forgive me but from browsing the logitech site it looks like Squeezebox is incapable of connecting to N networks and we would need to change modem settings to B or G. I assume that is done at the wireless router and isn't any worse that what I have now? Any downsides here? Thanks everyone!

  • Asked by fn from Sterling
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