Can you use one apple tv for two or more tvs

If there is, please tell me how.

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    If you want the same content on each TV, yes you can certainly do that. All you need is a hdmi splitter between your AppleTV and your two TV's. If you want each TV to have it's own source, that is not possible with only one AppleTV.

    • Answered by Darren W from Cedar Rapids
    • 26-Jun-2013
  • Yes but not all HDMi Splitters works with Apple TV.
    You need a HDMI Splitter, which has "EDID" only with that certificate it is working.
    best regards!

    • Answered by Iphone P
    • 2-Oct-2013
  • Only if the tv that is connected to your APPLEtv has an HDMI out port, and it is practical to run an HDMI cable from said out port to that second tv's HDMI input.

    • Answered by Michael V from Barrie
    • 23-Jun-2013
  • I am not sure, as I have yet to own Apple TV, however, my friend says you run an HDMI cable from the box to the TV. Based on that I would assume it is one for one.

    • Answered by Jared P from Ventura
    • 23-Jun-2013