Does streaming from iPad to apple tv use up your broadband data allowance?

Apple TV data usage

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    Data that moves around your own home network is not metered. Only the data that comes in via your provider's internet modem from the internet uses your allowance. If you're streaming directly from the internet to your apple tv, the data coming in from the internet will use your allowance unless it's from one of your provider's unmetered sites. If you're streaming from storage on a device on your home network to apple tv, that is your private data, separate from your provider, and costs nothing.

    • Answered by Geoff P from Royston Park
    • 26-Dec-2013
  • Iinet in Australia gives me free iView from the ABC.

    All other TV streaming is metered

    Other ISPs have similar offers....

    • Answered by William C from Canberra
    • 15-Feb-2013