can i connect an external hard drive to an ipad

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    yes, you can connect external hard drives for the iPad. I use one because i regret buying the 16gb iPad 3, because the storage is not enough.
    I use Seagate GoFlex Satellite, it is a wireless external hard drive, and you can access your content from an app downloadable from app store. the problem is, when you connect your iPad to it, your internet connection shuts down, because your wifi connects to the hard drive, and you can ONLY access your content from the app, not in your usual galleries.
    i don't really know if you can use it with a wired external hard drive, but the seagate model was the best one i could find.
    if you want to store pictures only, it's better to buy the camera connection kit from apple.

    • Answered by Victor N from Manhattan
    • 12-Aug-2012
  • The only way that I have heard of is seagate wireless plus hard drive which has its own wifi so can playback on your I pad

    • Answered by George E
    • 29-Jan-2014