Can I use a 1st gen ipad as a monitor for a mac mini?

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    Whilst you cannot connect your iPad directly into your Mac Mini as you would a standard monitor, you can use Apps from the iOS store to remote access your Mac Mini and use your iPad to control your computer.

    There are a number of Apps that do this ranging in price. One is Splashtop Remote, you can see a tutorial on how to do this with your Mac Mini via a search online (I cannot paste a url here, but it is on techradar).

    Basically this App and the software for your Mac work to give you Remote Access of your computer. You can find a number of Apps by searching for "remote access" in the iOS App store.

    There are also apps that turn your iPad into a second Monitor for your computer. These include DisplayPad and Air Display, again a search in the iOS App store will show a wide range of apps to try.

    • Answered by Carl G
    • 1-Nov-2013