can I use the IPAD as if it was my Mac Pro?

I would like to use the iPad as my MacPro would that be possible?

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    Well this is the question I have been trying to answer myself over these last many years. I have been using an iPad Pro with a Smart Keyboard from Logitech ( the Apple samrt keyboard just lasted 14 months and iPad refused to recognize it after getting updated).
    I have office 365 and iPad gets connected to my HP Wireless Printer easily and most of the stuff I do is on my Ipad. But there are limitations to it and many times I have to resort to my Macbook.
    I am yet to get the documents printed in the same font from my iPad as I do it on my MacBook Pro and there I feel the need of the notebook. May be I do not know how to do it preoperly and some one here may help me or us.
    A smart pen drive that is compatible with the iPad is also needed and then almost all work can be carried out on the iPad.
    Yes most of the work , that is needed I do it on my iPad Pro 9.7" RD which is wifi and Cellular.
    But It has not replaced my MacBook Pro yet.

    • Answered by Bashir Ahmad K from Srinagar
    • 14-Sep-2018