Does Verizon's "Share Everything" plan combine data allotment for iPhone + iPad?

Would 1MB of data on their "Share Everything" plan cover both my iPad & iPhone? The description says "devices," not phones.

If not, does the "free" included hotspot on a Verizon iPhone provide data to a AT7T iPad (assuming the 2 are in proximity)?

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    I have Verizon's Share Everything plan for 2 iPhone 5Cs and an iPad2 with 4 gb of data. I received a free Mifi hotspot Jetpack when purchasing the 2 iPhones and can run my iPad2 as well as 2 Nook HD+ tablets.

    1MB is not a lot of data if you are surfing the internet on your phone, downloading photos or movies, watching videos, etc.

    With just the iPhones my husband and I used about 2 gb a month without streaming videos or movies. But he does send email attachments and documents for his company.

    Hope this helps you.

    • Answered by Dona B from Swansea
    • 4-Nov-2013
  • yes

    • Answered by Maxwell P
    • 15-Feb-2013