How do I get delete apps that automaatically came with the original Ipad Mini?

I want to delete apps of podcast, tips, videos, photo booth, I books, Safafi to free up storage space I've used 12.1 GB and have available 408 mb. My music takes up a lot of space 6.8GB. My photos is 731 mb.

They asked me to update a game and when I did, it said I didn't have enough storage space. I went into settings, general, storage, manage storage and tried clicking on the apps I have never used. There is nothing listed that says "delete app" like it does on the games . How do I delete these apps that came with it that I never used.

1 Answer from the Community

  • With finger or stylus hold down on app till it wiggles. Click on the ' X ' and then click delete.

    You do know you can delete music you've purchased through iTunes. The deleted music will be stored on iTunes server, ready to redownload when ever you want it.

    • Answered by Kathryn M A from Olympia
    • 27-Sep-2016