How would I upload my photos from my D S L R camera?

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    The most direct way would be to get the iPad Camera Connection Kit. It allows you to upload your photos directly from the camera's USB port with a USB cable, or from the SD card in your camera.

    You may also upload your photos to a traditional computer and then sync them via iTunes.

    • Answered by Marcello C from Gloucester
    • 19-Mar-2012
  • Apple sells the Camera Connection kit that allows you to connect an SD card or a camera through USB to transfer photos onto your iPad.

    • Answered by Geno F from Collinsville
    • 19-Mar-2012
  • Use the Apple Camera Connection Kt, available on-line or in brick and mortar stores.

    • Answered by Ronald R from Truckee
    • 19-Mar-2012
  • Apple makes an accessory called camera connection kit which can connect to your camera via USB or if your camera has an SD card, you can connect the card to it. By the way are you shooting with JPEG or RAW? In my experience, JPEGs work better with the camera connection kit and have a much smaller size.

    • Answered by Tom K from Brooklyn
    • 19-Mar-2012
  • You need to buy the "camera connection kit" for the iPad.

    • Answered by Ronald M from Lake Oswego
    • 19-Mar-2012
  • Depends on what type of card you have.

    If you have an SD card you can use the Apple Camera Connection Kit and all photos will transfer from the card to your iPad. Or, you can buy an eye-fi card and wirelessly transfer the pictures from your camera to your iPhone or iPad.

    There are other ways but these are the two that I use.

    • Answered by Tammy C from Loxahatchee
    • 19-Mar-2012