Is there an adaptor I can use to connect the IPad Pro to a USB port?


I'm thinking about purchasing the iPad Pro 9.7‑inch, but want to be able to connect it to an external hard drive which has all my files & documents. I know there isn't a direct USB port on the actual iPad, but is there a cable that fits into one of the holes on the Ipad that can slot into any USB? Or what are my options?


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    The problem with connecting the hard drive to iPad Pro is power. I have the 12.9" and was in a similar situation.

    What you can do is get a WIFI hard drive (Seagate and Western Digital make them) and connect this way. They problem with them is that the battery life is not that great (3-4 hours of unpowered use). It also requires you to use the specific app provided by the manucturer to access the files.

    You can use the VLC App or the excellent File browser to also access files, but these are geared toward media. There are music players as well.

    Most of these drives will act as an extension to an existing wireless network, so you have the drive join the network, and then your iPad is also on the joined network.

    If you want to save some money, you can buy the Kingston Mobilelite, which allows you to read an SD card wirelessly, or even a flash drive. It is also a decent wifi router (creating a wifi network from LAN connection) and a battery charger. Really.

    Hope this helps

    • Answered by Chuck B from Voorhees
    • 27-May-2016