Should I get 32GB or 64GB ipad air

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    Hi: For what it's worth I tried to figure out the answer to the same question for my own situation. I initially opted for the 32Gb, but after loading 1600 songs on it (9Gb), a few movies (7Gb) and apps I use regularly (9gb), I was only left with about 2Gb of storage. (The 32Gb ipad only has useable space of 27.5Gb.)

    Didn't want to have to be deleting/moving material on a regular basis to make room--so I returned and paid the extra $$ for a 64Gb unit. Much happier!

    • Answered by Shel W from Edmonton
    • 27-Jan-2014
  • Game players who don't want to un-load their favorite games (and maybe lose their high scores) should opt for more storage. My son has a 16g and constantly has to rotate games on and off his iPad - which isn't the end of the world, you can re-download them for free, and our WiFi is fast - but he does lose his scores and if we are on a trip he'd better choose the right games before we leave!

    I have a 16gb too, and find it enough to download a lot of books for travel, to hold a lot of pictures (my "lot" probably isn't the "modern whole bunch") AND download a few iTunes tv episodes or max 1 or 2 movies if I am heading out for a flight. During those flight, going overseas moments, I really wish I had the 32gb model, since a "pure" 16gb would make carrying a lot more videos easy. I only have 9gb of storage left out of my basic 16gb starter - the rest is used by the operating system and storage - so moving to 32gb doesn't double my available storage, it almost triples it.

    So - I think you are fine with 32gb, UNLESS you need your music locally, or plan on editing videos or maybe photos. Remember that iTunes radio is free, so you don't need to haul around all your music unless you expect to be off-line. I have a 64gb iPod Touch 5th gen and put ALL my music on it (I'm an oldster and don't have a HUGE collection), also a bunch of videos I converted myself, AND almost all my Kindle books, and still had lots of space left.

    32 gb is the sweet spot. But if you can afford it, you can never have too much local storage.

    • Answered by William W from Emeryville
    • 8-May-2014
  • i've got quite a few songs, my 32giga byte ipod is nearly full, with the songs plus a few photos, i regret buying the 32 giga byte ipad air, as i can't get anywhere near all my songs on, so i can't use the genius selections, and just have my favourite and latest albums on, i wish i had purchased the 64 giga byte version, for only $100 extra,
    like wise i sometimes wonder instead of going for the 16giga byte 5c apple phone, maybe i should have gone for the, a lot more expensive 5 s 64 giga byte phone,

    my ipod is 32giga byte version 4, and my home stereo and my radio ipod dock, have the old 30 pin adaptor, so maybe being limited with my ipad air and iphone, as prevented me from more extravagance in buying an expensive blue tooth system, but sometimes i consider that if i keep purchasing albums, i may end up buying an old fashioned ipod classic as well,

    what i would definitely do is spend the $100 extra and buy a 64 giga byte ipad air, if i had the chance again

    • Answered by George S from Brisbane
    • 20-Jun-2014
  • 64GB because it is better

    • Answered by Saidul N from Cambelltown
    • 29-Jan-2014
  • 64 gb for future proofing your device

    • Answered by Michael John O from Naga City
    • 17-Sep-2014
  • I use my iPad to watch movies on the road, music of course and pictures. Then there are the PDF files (documents for reference) and my Kindle reader. As with memory for your computers, more is better. For $100 more, the 64Gb is the obvious choice.

    • Answered by Bruce S from Snellville
    • 27-Dec-2014
  • 64

    • Answered by Jennifer Z from Halifax
    • 26-Mar-2015
  • I always say go for more. The unfortunate fact with Apple products is that there are no memory cards to add space. I'm noticing that the current models of iPads and iPhones jumped straight from 16gb to 64gb. To me, this means that they might expect upcoming apps to require more space. With 64gb, there is more wiggle room. I have both...a 64gb iPad Air and a 128gb iPad Mini. I am very disciplined with my tablets, but I also know that I HATE trying to decide what apps to remove.

    • Answered by Joy G from Saint Albans
    • 1-May-2015
  • i think you should get 64GB ipad air

    • Answered by William H from Wyoming
    • 21-Jun-2015
  • 64 GB ipad air

    • Answered by Linda D from Mackey
    • 20-Oct-2014