Should I get an iPad mini or iPad 2?

I'm a student and president of my Greek organization. I would mostly be using it for class, meetings, and travel. I will be doing a lot of internet usage and emailing, along with using apps to take notes and manage timetables, as well as FaceTiming. I wouldn't really be using it for music or games since I have an iPhone.

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    It all depends on your personal preference. Can you visit a store and try out the apps you'll be using? Depending on how deep you are in the ecosystem, you may want to pay attention to the fact that they use different connectors. The iPad 2 is compatible with more existing third-party devices with the familiar 30-pin adapter, while the Mini uses the new lightning adapter. This was a real nuisance (and added expense) for me when I upgraded to iPhone 5.

    • Answered by Jason A from Kent
    • 1-Feb-2013
  • ipad2 guys ipad2

    • Answered by Josefina A from Providence
    • 29-Mar-2013