can i use find my iphone if its dead?

I lost my iphone (ios 8 and up) and it's dead. i tried using find my iphone from the icloud and i had three options (play sound, lost mode, erase).
Does the play sound option even if it is dead?
How can i see the last location of the iphone before it was dead?
when and how can my iphone be online instead of ofline?

2 Answers from the Community

  • If your phone is dead it is impossible to locate using Find my iPhone, with the exception of the send last location feature. If you cannot see your iPhone's location on Find my iPhone it was either unable to/had the send last location feature disabled. Play a sound only works when the phone is turned on.

    • Answered by Alex P from Sydney
    • 10-Oct-2017
  • 1 No it wouldn't work because sound play needs the speaker and all the functions do not work due to it being dead
    2 yes it will show you the last location of the phone

    • Answered by Yaqub M from Melbourne
    • 7-Oct-2017