Does Applecare cover the new iPhone 5C/S?

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    Yes. You have the initial year of hardware coverage and the first 3 months of free phone tech support. AppleCare+ is also available for $99 and must be purchased within the first 30 days of your iPhone purchase at an Apple Store. AppleCare+ extends the hardware warranty to 2 years length as well as the phone tech support, and covers 2 incidents of accidental damage with a varying service charge.

    • Answered by David V from Bonkweekwee
    • 15-Oct-2013
  • Yes you can buy applecare for either phone. Applecare plus is $100 up front for two years and $70 or $80 for broken screens

    • Answered by Emily K from Gainesville
    • 3-Oct-2013
  • Yes it does! The Apple store website does not specify compatibility but Applecare does cover the new iPhone 5C/S. Just bought one have registered it.

    • Answered by Lick T from Randwick
    • 2-Oct-2013