How can I purchase an iPhone 7 plus and use it with staighttalk?

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    I purchased my IPhone 7+ from eBay, but you can also buy the Straight Talk nano sim on EBay as well, like I did. Works just fine. I've been with Straight Talk for 7 years now. Just make sure the phone is Verizon & CDMA compatible. I live in the boonies & only Verizon towers are out here. But, since Straight Talk CDMA phones use Verizon towers, I don't have any issues.

    • Answered by Carol R from Lake City
    • 13-Sep-2017
  • You would have to purchase an unlocked iPhone and put a Straight Talk SIM card into it.

    • Answered by Joseph B from Easton
    • 11-Sep-2016