How do I make a text draft message on a iPhone 4

If I write a text / SMS , but would like to save it as draft (for sendingit later on) , how do I do that ? In other mobile phone (e.g. Nokia) we can do that .

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    Create the message (but don't send it), highlight the text, then copy and paste it into your notepad for use later or email it to yourself. You can also do it in reverse, by creating the text in Notepad, then copy and paste it into a Message.

    • Answered by Lawrence M
    • 26-May-2013
  • Im not quite sure how, but I know it's possible. I have the iPhone 4 as well, and I just tried typing a message, closing the messaging app, re opening it, and my non sent message was still typed in and ready to send. It can possibly found in - Setting - Messaging.

    • Answered by Laura N from Fenelon Falls
    • 12-May-2013
  • You can just type the message inside the message box and NOT send the message. Leave it there and it will be saved.

    • Answered by Martin L from Cambridge
    • 10-May-2013