How many recharges can be expected for the battery on an iPhone 5?

2 Answers from the Community

  • After about 2 years of usage your phone will lose approx 20 percent of capacity.
    that is about 300 to 400 charges. (complete charge cycle: draining the battery and a full recharge)

    • Answered by Brandin T from Taylorsville
    • 13-Nov-2014
  • To be honest, I don't know because I don't own an iPhone 5 but my mom had one and has not had a problem with recharging the battery and has been doing it daily for 2 years now. My suggestion to you if you are worried about the battery decaying over time is to make sure that the battery does not get to zero before it gets charged as this wears down the battery and also to not let the iPhone charge even if its at 99 or 100% as this will also put stress on the battery and decrease the longevity of it. As long as you do the following you should be fine

    • Answered by Noah H from Macedonia
    • 13-Nov-2014