I currently own a 32 GB iPhone 5 and want to get the iPhone 5 s how many GB are really necessary

The common answer seems to be if you have a lot of photos and music you need more GB, well what is considered a lot. I have around 500 songs on my current iPhone and somewhere around 1000 photos, not many video clips. I just don't want to slow down my new phone if I take up too much storage space, I would still like some room after iTunes loads all of my content to the new phone. How many GB are actually available AFTER the operating system and all of the preinstalled items take up their space ? Which should I purchase 16 or 32 GB

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    After Operating System, my 16GB iphone 4S has about around 14GB left unalloted for other things. Videos and Music seem to take up the majority of most peoples memory storage so if it seems that your library is still expanding, bear that in mind. I have about 1100 songs on my iphone and it uses roughly 8GBs right there. Not to mention with videos recorded via camera and music videos on my laptop, I can't even fit it all on my phone. I'm planning to invest in the 5s 32GBs in interest of allowing myself enough memory.

    In short, 16 GBs can be used up very fast with music and video files. Definitely look into going the extra buck for the 32GB. 64GB is really only for people with HUGE libraries of music and videos that want to keep on person *at any given time*, because really you can always backup your photos and videos to a computer and save yourself even more space, which I why I believe 32GB is the best bet.

    • Answered by Shawn H from Ellicott City
    • 16-Sep-2013
  • I would defiantly go with the 32GB, it's my personal preference. Why don't you take a look in your setting to see how much space you are currently using to give you an idea of how much you will need in your new one.

    • Answered by Dominic D from Louisville
    • 18-Sep-2013
  • Why don't you look and see how much room you still have left on your current phone? If you still have a lot of space, you are good at 32Gb. If not, maybe you want to get the 64Gb.

    • Answered by Jay T from Fort Worth
    • 16-Sep-2013
  • I agree with Jay check you GB now on your phone you might be good with 32
    I have 4S with 64 GB and I'm all ways having to download it to computer or DVD's to
    get room photos are a nightmare for me I love my camera
    Im looking into 5s with 64 won't ever go lower again enjoy to max!

    • Answered by Warren Georgia F from Bandon
    • 20-Sep-2013