I want my son to have my old iphone as I have just had a new iPhone 5. Does he need a separate apple id if I dont want him to sync my cal/contacts?

As above, but I don't want him to sync my data so he can have separate addresses and calendar (and new icloud account?), but a lot of the apps on my old phone4 are his. Therefore I would like to backup my new iphone5 with my latest iphone 4 back up (to keep all my data) and then delete his apps (which are clogging my phone up), but then be able to still sync my old phone4 and delete 'my' apps off the old phone (now his). Just worried that when I sync it will mess up his and when he syncs vice versa. I have considered setting him up with a separate apple id, but then not sure he will be able to access his old apps and saved data? thanks

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  • You sound like an awesome mother to give him your old iphone, just short of the best (which would be to give him a new iphone5!!!). But anyway, an apple id is free to set up, so you can make a new one for your son. Back up your new iphone5 with all the old information (change the sync settings to only sync apps that you select), then you can take your old phone (make sure all of the information is on your new phone) and reset it, restoring it to factory settings, wiping it clean. As long as you associate your new phone to the back up information, and start up the old phone fresh, with out it, you should be fine. and any app already purchased can be downloaded again onto his phone using your id, even if you choose to have him buy anything new under his own id. My mom's phone is riddled with apps from three separate accounts. Many ways to do it i guess, but making sure the phones sync to different sets of information (from different computers maybe-even if you two use the same id) is probably the easiest.
    Is it an iphone4, or an iphone4S?? If it is the former (not 4S) than you could get your son a brand new one for free with a new two year contract on his cell service. This would give him a fresh blank slice of apple sickness that isn't potentially slower from all of your old cell phone use. It also allows you to take your old one, wipe it clean and maybe make some money selling it. Or you can replace the old one with a 4S (kind of an upgrade for him) for a $100 and a new two year contract. If your old phone is an iphone 4S however, I wouldn't give him a new 4, i would either give him your old 4S or pay to replace it with a new 4S, then you have the extra 'old' phone to either sell, or keep in the console of your car because even if you don't have a phone on a wireless account, you can still use it to make emergency 911 calls.
    Thats how i understand it, I guess the way apple sets up the account system, it can get a little confusing

    • Answered by Alex G
    • 18-Oct-2012
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    he needs a separate apple id but what you can do is sign in on his phone with your apple id and then download those apps. you then need to sign back in with his apple id. you can do this by going to settings-iTunes & App Stores-Apple id. sign out of his and then sign in e=with your account.

    • Answered by Landon T from Spiritwood
    • 17-Oct-2012
  • Yes

    • Answered by Nabil A from Oxford
    • 9-Dec-2013
  • yes

    • Answered by Sunny S from Iowa
    • 20-Nov-2012