its the first time I have bought an iPhone and would have really liked a manual to start up, is there one online or other wise please?

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    Tap on the Safari browser icon (the blue map with the compass on it).

    In the Bookmarks, at the top level, there is a complete iPhone manual.

    • Answered by Christoph H
    • 20-Sep-2012
  • Simply open the Safari browser, tap the bookmark icon at the bottom and then select iPhone user guide. It is great because you can easily go to the exact part you wish to learn without reading entire chapters or needing to refer to an index as you do with most paper manuals. It's easy and always at your fingertips. There is also an app for 101 Tips & Tricks for iPhone that is quite handy and well worth the 99 cents.

    • Answered by Robert S from Saint Louis
    • 19-Sep-2012
  • Google the words: Apple Manuals, it is at the top of the page.

    Sorry but it will not let me post a link here.

    • Answered by Kirk E
    • 21-Sep-2012
  • The iPhone comes with a small printed user guide, but it is just the basics. for a more in depth manual, go to safari on your iPhone, tap the bookmarks icon and scroll to the bottom, where you will find the bookmark "iPhone User Guide".

    • Answered by Patrick W from Harvest
    • 22-Sep-2012
  • Yes, you can. Just visit: support . apple . com / manuals

    • Answered by Kamil U from Pruszcz Gdanski
    • 19-Sep-2012
  • Yes, there is one online. Follow these steps: > Support > Manuals > Click on the device you want to know more about.

    Have fun with your iPhone!

    • Answered by Roman N from Montreal
    • 19-Sep-2012
  • On iTunes, go to Help tab, then click on iPhone User Guide. You're done.

    • Answered by Daniel N
    • 17-Sep-2012
  • Would you not be able to purchase a manual/book from a newsagent or book shop. I have bought all my books regarding my imac and ipad from them and they have really helped.

    • Answered by Sandra T
    • 15-Sep-2012
  • Yes. Go on safari from your phone and look at your bookmarks, you should have one saved as iPhone User Guide. From there it opens a webpage that can explain/show you how to do things on the iPhone

    • Answered by Sergio R from Ronkonkoma
    • 18-Sep-2012
  • There's a manual that actually comes with the box which can be helpful for beginners, or even useful to familiar users with plenty of tips etc.
    If not just try YouTube or something, 100% guaranteed there'll be guides/tutorials on there ;)

    • Answered by Yash M
    • 17-Sep-2012
  • You can do a web search on iPhone how-tos.

    • Answered by Tim B from Los Altos
    • 15-Sep-2012
  • Yes. You can view online manual for the iPhone (Running iOS 5.1) if you go to the following top of this webpage - Support - iPhone - Manuals.

    • Answered by Gary H
    • 15-Sep-2012