what color iphone 5s should i get?

what color do you think looks better?

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    i would recommend the gold. It is classy and when someone sees it they'll know instantly its the IPhone 5s. Because no other IPhone is gold. You'll get a lot of attention that way. i'm getting it myself :)

    • Answered by Stephanie H
    • 29-Oct-2013
  • In my opinion, I prefer the white/silver iPhone 5S.

    But for a regular consumer, I'd go for the black one. The black face makes the screen easier to see and is a standard color that looks great with all cases.

    I wouldn't go for the gold one. Even though the color is subtle, I think it's too flashy.

    • Answered by Sam D from Grayslake
    • 13-Sep-2013
  • Gold

    • Answered by Mahi P from North Brunswick
    • 15-Nov-2014
  • Good evening Sergio,

    Good Question…
    The Silver doesn't show many fingerprints, neither does the Gold.
    The Space Gray however makes the screen look bigger.
    To me it depends on what case I'm buying. If a white case looks better with a pink case I'll do white.

    Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Diana C from Fairfax
    • 23-Feb-2015
  • All three colors look amazing…
    which one do you think is the best for you?
    I will be getting the silver one for myself…
    as I got the slate last year...

    • Answered by Wissam C from Hamra
    • 13-Sep-2013