Will I be able to back up and restore all my data/aps/music from my 3G if I change to an iPhone 4 or 4S, or is it too out of date?

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    Yes you can. I did this 2 years ago when I switched from a 3G to a 4. However, I do suggest a clean install.

    • Answered by C S from New Freedom
    • 20-Oct-2012
  • Yes you should be able too. There will be App updates most likely to make sure the Apps will run on your 4/4S.

    • Answered by Matthew C from Highland Park
    • 20-Oct-2012
  • It is possible to do. Connect your iPhone 3G to iTunes and allow it to save a backup during the sync. After your iPhone 3G finishes syncing, connect your new iPhone to iTunes and restore your iPhone 3G's backup on to your new iPhone.

    • Answered by Sigurdur H from Klong-tan Nuea, Wattana
    • 20-Oct-2012
  • yes you will if u go into itunes then sync the phone fully then plug in the new one not set up yet and when you do all it asks u to it will ask set up as new iphone or restore from backup then it will put your content on the phone keep the new one plugged in until everything finishes

    • Answered by Andrew L from Orchard Park
    • 20-Oct-2012
  • Yes you can with icloud you can back up everything from your iphone3g to any apple product, it is free and easy to use

    • Answered by Akin A
    • 22-Oct-2012