will the Iphone 5s work with wind mobile?

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    You need an AWS (Advanced Wireless Service) iPhone 5s to work with WIND. AWS standard is 1700 MHz. All models except A1457 and A1530 are compatible with WIND.

    • Answered by Арсений М from Южно-сахалинск
    • 20-Sep-2013
  • Just picked up the current unlocked 5s model A1533 (ME296C/A on the box) and confirmed working great on Wind. Some notes on using it - make sure "Enable 3G" is turned ON under Cellular settings or you will get very weak signal and no data. Also different on Wind - FaceTime and iMessage only works with an AppleID, not a phone number, so just give your AppleID to friends you want to chat with - way more reliable talking to friends on iPods or Mac computers especially if you ever change your number.

    • Answered by Goo G from Vancouver
    • 10-Oct-2014
  • Just popped my Wind Sim into ME296C/A and it does not work. Shows the big 3 only as available networks. The user above seems to have no problem with it, can you please outline what modem firmware it is? Mine is 2.18.02.


    • Answered by Bill K
    • 9-Jan-2015