Any iPod with built-in heart rate monitor?

I hate the idea of a separate iPod and heart rate monitor for the gym. Does anyone other than Motorola (I.e. Apple) make an iPod which links with a chest strap monitor to gauge heart rate in the gym. Seems like Apple could dominate Polar, whose watches and straps break all the time and it is one more device to carry. Only runners care about a pedometer, the rest of us serious non-runner athletes just want to monitor our heart rates without one more device to wear.

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    There are 3rd party heart rate monitors out there that are able to pair with an iPhone or an iPod touch via bluetooth, and display their results/data to apps downloaded through the App Store. You can search the web or even the Apple Online Store for heart rate monitors and find a number of results for wireless heart rate monitors that are compatible with the iPhone or iPod touch.

    • Answered by Dereck H from Alpharetta
    • 4-Jan-2013
  • The iPod Nano 5th generation will connect with the polar wearlink heart rate monitor. You will have to purchase the polar wearlink chest strap but it will hook up to the nano. I have one and it works just fine so you dont have to carry anything else with you, you're wearing it: if that is okay with you. I may not have the nano generation correct but it is the one right before the touch model. Hope this helps.

    • Answered by S. D from Gulf Breeze
    • 13-Mar-2013
  • No

    • Answered by Bruce D from Adelaide
    • 6-Jan-2013