Best device to work out with/protect from moisture?

I'm considering getting an iPod Shuffle as a cycling and workout music device. However, I could also use my existing iPhone, but would need a new case to secure it to my body.

Two questions:

How is the Shuffle for dealing with moisture (ie sweat)?

Can anyone recommend an armband case for iPhone 4 that will protect it from excessive body heat and moisture?


1 Answer from the Community

  • I absolutely love the iPod shuffle for working out. It's amazing. It's super small and clips on to my shorts or shirt easily. I use it when I run 10 km everyday and I sweat a ton. It has zero effect and I think it's great. If you would like to use your iPhone, that works too. I used to use my iPhone 5 with an armband which is good because I can answer calls if I get any while working out. I got my case from apple, but for the 4 there's quite a few you can get out of Apple. All armbands protect your phone too.

    • Answered by Mya B from Mississauga
    • 13-Sep-2014