Can iOS 10 be on iPod 5th generation

I have an iPod 5 and I really want to get iOS 10 because it looks super cool so please make it for iPod 5th generation.

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    From what I have seen on a friends iPod touch 5th generation and the info for iOS 10 the iPod 5th generation cannot get iOS 10 because it is not compatible with the iPod touch 5th gen.

    • Answered by Eli C from Easton
    • 19-Sep-2016
  • Yes I think Apple should put iOS 10 and 11 on all the iPod touch

    • Answered by Rmyijah K from Las Vegas
    • 25-Feb-2018
  • I want to update my device for this release

    • Answered by Osa S from Los Angeles
    • 9-Jun-2017
    Apple Responds

    It's for the 6th generation iPod.

  • No,but with the 6th Generation does it work.

    • Answered by Linus U
    • 25-Mar-2017
  • Noo

    • Answered by Alex G from Ellenville
    • 9-Feb-2017