does the ipod 5 come with a charger?

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    The iPodTouch5 comes with a cord that connects the iPod to any USB port. You can use that cord to connect to your computer and, so long as the computer is plugged in, you can charge your iPod through the computer that way. I've even heard about someone charging her iPodTouch via a TV set that had a USB port (the TV has to be "on" for this to work).

    OR you can buy a 5W USB power adapter for $20 at the Apple Store (sometimes called a "charger") that has a USB port at one end and a regular wall plug at the other end (MD810LL/A). You can plug your USB cord into the USB port and the other end of the charger into a wall plug and charge it that way (I recommend a surge protector!). OR you can buy a car USB adaptor that has a USB port and gets its juice from your car's electrical system. Those are also available at the Apple Store (Belkin and Wireless brands are good).

    I strongly recommend that you only purchase these "chargers" at the Apple Store, or at least only buy the brands and models that Apple offers in the store even if you buy them someplace else, since cheap knockoffs can be dangerous, either to the device itself or to you (I've heard of at least one case of someone being electrocuted by a cheap knock-off charging device).

    • Answered by Eve B from Boynton Beach
    • 28-Oct-2013
  • No. The IPod Touch comes with the charging cord only. You can either plug your cord into a computer to charge your IPod Touch or you can purchase an AC adapter from Apple for $20. I don't know about the other IPod models.

    • Answered by George M from Pittsburgh
    • 9-Jan-2014
  • yes all devices come with a charger except the nano and shuffle

    • Answered by Umer K
    • 2-Feb-2014