how do I give a playlist a title?

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  • 1- Are you following a certain pattern. by artist or by decade or albums, thats harder you just like buying that one song from one artist, I tend to go by artist ( then I can easily find and delete the annoying one LOL)

    2-Do you only have one?

    if you have really really long one I would separate it but not by artist, I usually put a bunch together by what my activity will be or I have that one list of just romantic dinner music that wont be too loud if we are family dinner instead of just my hubby and I. I have my car lists very simple name, Chantal’s Carplaylist and I do a mix of happy songs and some softy’s too in case I feel angry in traffic my music will keep me singing, my best and favorite list is the Carlist.

    you can do my country truck list and my town car slow songs

    after you get a few going you ll be unstoppable hahahah! Good luck! Happy singing!

    • Answered by Chantal M from La Peche
    • 30-Jan-2017