How many songs roughly can an iPod shuffle hold?

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    Available space on the Shuffle is approximately 1.88GB. Mine holds 250 songs (16hrs 47mins). About one third are encoded at the highest quality of 320 kbps, the remainder at 160 kbps or 128 kbps.
    If you encode everything at 128 kbps you'll be able to hold about 450 four minute songs, (30 hours).

    • Answered by Thomas H from Toronto
    • 1-Dec-2013
  • About 120 songs per gigabyte.So about 240 songs in a 2GB IPod Shuffle.

    • Answered by Kevin B from Sydney
    • 26-Dec-2014
  • i think about 500

    • Answered by Justin B from Hodge La
    • 14-Feb-2015