is there something you can use as a pen on your ipod touch?

My fingers are to big and wanted to know if there is anything you can use besides your fingers on your ipod

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    Yes, you can buy a touchscreen stylus online or in stores for about $15. My dad uses one on his iPhone 4 because he has large fingers too. The stylus makes his life so much easier. Touchscreen styli will work on the iPod touch as well.

    Hope this helps...

    • Answered by Trey V from Zebulon
    • 27-Apr-2013
  • There is something called a Stylus, it allows you to use the Ipod Touch without getting the screen dirty or greasy from your fingers. Stylus' are very useful when you have just eaten or touched something dirty , you can then access your Ipod Touch with out the screen getting dirty.

    • Answered by Karen S
    • 4-Apr-2014