which ipods are good for the blind

I have a friend that needs to be able to listen to a wider variety of music. His shelf unit has been broken for a long time (which he never told me) and I would like to replace it with something that he could also take with him when he goes away from his house. The Shuffle has been recommended, but there are no shelf units that can find that support a shuffle. I don't think he can navigate a screen based unit, though I maybe be mistaken. Maybe you know of a way for a blind person to use a screen based unit, or a way of using a shuffle with a shelf unit that has an iPod dock. I would really appreciate your input.

Thanks, Randy

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    The Shuffle has no display and good tactical feedback from the panel buttons, it also talks to you to let you know where you are. A friend uses his exclusively for bicycle riding because he can control everything without removing it from his pocket or taking his eyes off the road. I'm a little confused by your reference to "shelf unit" do you mean a dock to play over a music system? If so i believe the "Belkin Y Adapter Cable for iPhone/iPod (3.5mm PLUG/2-RCA plugs) - 7 ft" would allow you to connect the audio out to the input of any music device however it won't charge while doing that, for that you'd still have to use the original shuffle dock. Considering the thing will play for around 15 hours on a single charge i'm not sure if that's a concern.

    • Answered by Kenneth E B from Warner Robins
    • 10-Oct-2012
  • The iPod touch 4th Generation has Voice Control which would be useful as you can ask it to play songs without needing to see the screen. However, though it works fine with my voice, it might not be able to understand local accents. Plus it is a way higher price than the iPod Shuffle. The iPod touch 5 has Siri, but it only works over Wifi, which would render the device pretty much useless (unless switched from Siri to Voice Control) when not online.

    • Answered by Luke O
    • 27-Feb-2013