A 13" or 15" Macbook Pro for law student that does A LOT of word processing and reading on the screen?

I am a second year law student, and after a year of suffering with an old PC laptop I think it's about time to make the switch to Apple. Originally I was drawn to the 13" Macbook Pro due to its portability and reasonable price (with the education discount).

However upon inspecting a 13" it seemed a bit small. For most university students it would probably be ok, but as I do a lot of word processing I thought perhaps the 15" would be more appropriate. (I take my laptop to lectures and seminars and type everything instead of handwriting.)

If I did get the 15" would I be paying for more than I need? Will I adjust to a smaller screen?

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    Go with the 13 inch Macbook Pro. When you look at the diagonal screen measurements, it seems like a big difference, but it's really not. The 15 inch is only .88 inches (2.2cm) taller than the 13 inch screen, and height is really what matters when reading documents.

    You'd be paying $600 for an extra .88 inches of screen height. Don't waste your money :)

    • Answered by Peter A from South Portland
    • 29-Jan-2012
  • It would probably be best to actually go to an Apple store to see it "live". It's the best way you can gauge if you can stand reading long documents on the 13" screen. (What screen size was your PC laptop, BTW?) I'm sure the Apple personnel would be more than happy to have you "sample" both the 13" and 15" models. Good luck! (I'm also looking to purchase my first Mac, same thing here, my PC laptop gave out on me after less than 2 years.)

    • Answered by Joey R from Quezon City
    • 12-Jan-2012