airport extreme vs airport express?

I have a very old WiFy set up. In looking for a new Mac wifi system I am confronted with Airport Extreme and Airport Express. Whats the difference>

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    Extreme has 4 gigabit ports for direct LAN connection (included 1 for modem port/LAN) it also has USB port for HDD that your can use for Time Machine (Backup system for mac)
    While Express has 2 gigabit port LAN (one for modem, the other one you either can use to connect to computer or you can use for NAS server)
    While Express has additional audio output that you can use for AIRPLAY while Extreme don't, and the usb port is only compatible for printers only, you can't plug HDD on it.

    I use both setup, My Extreme is directly connect to modem and mac mini server and use Express to extend the signal.

    • Answered by Ardaly P from Surabaya
    • 27-Jul-2014