Cable solution to use iMac 2008 as a second monitor, or no?

I am told the 2008 iMac was the last version unable to be used as a second monitor. All other versions feature 'Target Display Mode'

I want to connect my 2008 iMac to a 2016 Macbook.

Do you think this cable contraption will work? Or am I spinning my wheels because the software just doesn't exist..

2016 Macbook > (DisplayPort >HDMI Male) > (HDMI Female > Mini DVI Male) > 2008 iMac


1 Answer from the Community

  • The only way I could get my late 2009 iMac to act as a second monitor was to use a Mini Display Port to Mini Display Port cable. Then command F2 on the iMac to enter Target Display Mode.

    • Answered by Darren R from Medicine Hat
    • 9-Nov-2016