Can I order a customized MacBook Pro at an Apple Store instead of ordering online? If it's possible, is the delivery time (pickup at store) the same?

I would like to customize the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display with a i7 processor, 16GB SDRAM and 1TB flash storage.

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    I think you can go to an Apple store to customize your mac but you will probably just do it online there. Only difference is you could have the assistance of a service person if you had questions. Delivery time would be quicker to your home. By the time it gets to the store and they call you and you go pick it up, it could take a couple days more. Only advantage is it won't be stolen off of your door step if you are not home. For that reason, I have had it delivered to my work. I have ordered mac book pros (3) and MACs (2), all online because I always customize them and all sent to my home or work. No problems!

    • Answered by Daniel K from Yorba Linda
    • 16-Mar-2016