Can the high end Mac mini play MineCraft?GTA in max settings?

can the high end (not the server) Mac mini play MineCraft in 30frames per second or more (in max settings e.g. Far render distance smooth lighting, clouds, graphics: Fancy etc,)?

If so what about Grand Theft Auto San Andreas/Vice City/III?

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    I bought the 2012 $599 mac mini and upgraded the RAM to 10GB as soon as I took it out of the box and it runs Minecraft at around 30 fps on max settings. So, the short answer is YES.

    • Answered by Montserrat M from Huntington
    • 9-Jan-2013
  • Hello Sinan,

    The High end Mac Mini will be able to play Minecraft like a walk in the park by the way I love Minecraft me and my friends have a good server 40 player slots, And Yes GTA San Andreas will work perfect on the Mac Mini I've been running GTA San Andreas and Minecraft on a Macbook 2008 (2.4 GHz 2GB ram) it runs great I can only dream how well it will run on the high end Mac Mini. Not sure about Vice City and III sorry.

    • Answered by Joshua M from Sydney
    • 12-Jun-2012
  • Yes

    • Answered by Joseph B from Indialantic
    • 25-Dec-2012