Can the Macbook Air handle running Parallel, having 2-3 VM's open at once?

Can the Macbook Air handle running Parallel, having two VM's open at once. I need to be able to have run Win XP, Win 2008, Ubunto but only two need to be open at once. I plan on using an external hard drive so space shouldn't be an issue and getting 8 gigs ram. I'm not sure if the 1.7ghz would be faster enough or I should just get the Pro i5 2.5ghz. I'm looking at the 13" for both.

Maybe I should be asking will I be happy with the performance of the Air vs the Pro while running these two VM's?


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    I am not sure about Parallels, but i am running VM Fusion with both a Windows 7 VM and a Server 2008R2 VM with no issues on my 4G MBA 13". It seems to run as well or better as on a 8G Dell Precision M4600. I think this is due to the SSD drive. The only issue is that it chews up the battery as the fan goes zoom.

    • Answered by Joel D from Lilburn
    • 22-Aug-2012