Can't decide: 13" MacBook Air vs. 13" MacBook Pro!!! Please help!

I am in junior high and have saved up to buy a computer for a while now. I have heard many different things between the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, and am not informed enough to know which one would work best for me.
I will be using this laptop for:
-surfing the web (lots of tabs and windows up at once)
-some music
-videos (youtube, hulu, etc.)

I am a little concerned with the storage of the Air, but not sure if I should be or not.I have heard great things about the SSD (not sure if it's a feature I would need, the Pro would probably work just as well)I also like the price of the Pro better...
Please help!!

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    They are much the same really, the only difference is the weight. I have a 13" Macbook Air and use it for the same things you have mentioned. It works very smoothly and they new Safari is great when you have lots of tabs open. Also, I have found the Pro to be somewhat slower and clunkier to use.

    • Answered by Luke O from Brisbane
    • 12-Sep-2012
  • I'm just starting highschool, and also saving for a computer. I have researched comparisons between the two computers and have come to the conclusion that the only difference in the Macbook Pro and the Macbook Air is that the Pro has more storage, longer-lasting battery, and a CD/DVD player.
    Okay, so let's get a scenario. Your math teacher gives you a CD of the textbook, and you need to do homework. If you have the Air then you would not be able to access the CD, but if you have the Pro then you could put in the CD and do your homework. So if you're going to be using the computer for then I think you should most likely get the Pro, but if you're on the go most of the time then I would go with the air because it's lighter.
    They both have wonderful display, and incredible power, but in your case I say you should get the Pro.

    • Answered by Raina S from Westwego
    • 9-Dec-2013