Does a mac (laptop) come with a charger and battery included?

I have been a dell user for the past 4 years and know that Dell usually charges extra for a battery and the charger. Does apple do this or do these things automatically come with it?

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    NO !! Apple does not do that ! All Apple portable products batteries are built in right now , and the charger is included in the box, no extra charges.

    • Answered by Juneid A
    • 15-May-2011
  • Yes apple does include a battery and charger with the purchase of their laptop

    However the battery is not removable and would require you to take it to an apple store should you need to replace it (or if you have the technical know how of how to rip it out, not suggested)

    • Answered by David B from Brampton,
    • 25-Jun-2012